About the Company

Positive Ltd was founded in the year 2000 with the goal of recognizing, understanding and catering the needs of the clients in IT fields, by creating, developing and applying sophisticated technological solutions.

By following the trend of digital transformation of the entire business environment, Positive Ltd has deployed a modern business model „IT as a service“ and became a leader in this new and demanding market. Positive Ltd, by this business model, grants material and human resources in the IT field as a service, freeing the clients from any worries about their own information system and enabling them to focus on their main objective.

Positive Ltd, with its clients, makes great effort towards the common goal – a successful digital transformation of the business as a requirement for the function and development of the company.

Relations with the client is based on dedication towards securing the increase of performance of his business through digital transformation and modeling of business processes with the goal of coordinating the IT system with these processes. The workers in Positive Ltd are mainly oriented towards the needs of the user. By employing developed solutions the clients increase their efficiency, flexibility, security and system dynamics as well as lowering the toll of the business. The efficiency of doing business is optimized through applied innovative solutions. Positive Ltd gives great attention to the security of the information system of its clients as well as security of data, by professional training of the employees in the client’s company and by using the ISO standard in the field of information security ISO 27001 and securing the continuity of businesses ISO 22301.

Employees in Positive Ltd constantly develop their professional knowledge and receive new certificates. High quality education of the employees, as well as accepting new technologies, enable an adequate and well timed response to the dynamic and constantly increasing needs of the client.

Positive Ltd is a partner to some of the greatest IT brands in the world such as HP, Fujitsu, Microsoft, CISCO, Sophos etc, and with that it keeps a high level of knowledge and access to the any innovations in the IT field market. The quality of IT services is guaranteed by Positive Ltd by holding to standards that it has certificates for, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 20000-1 (Management of IT Services), while the employees in Positive Ltd have a prestigious ITIL certificate for management of services in the IT field.

List of satisfied clients that continually put their trust in Positive Ltd speaks about the quality and dedication of the approach to each individual client.

Confidentiality Agreement

Positive Ltd, as a company that provides services to clients in the field of creating, managing and advancing information systems, by nature of its activity, is informed about the data and processes of the client that might be a trade secret.

These days, when there is so much competition on the market, specifics of a company’s business process, client’s, partner’s and competitor’s data base, present a significant resource securing a better position on the market. With this in mind Positive Ltd strictly adheres to all the rules concerning data protection, including the application of standards in the field of information security ISO 27001, as well as composing and respecting the NDA Non – Disclosure Agreement in which all areas of data, process and technology protection of the client and Positive Ltd are defined. By composing this agreement both Positive Ltd and the client are also protected from potentially unauthorized transfer of secure information to unauthorized individuals or the public. The client’s company will include in this agreement all the information that it believes may cause harm by their publication, while the agreement includes sanctions in case of a breach of the agreed duty.

In this way, Positive Ltd takes notice of the needs and rights of the client’s company to secure information.