BITS Concept

Best IT solutions for doing business without trouble

BITS concept represents a guideline for Positive Ltd when servicing the users, whereas the goal is the complete fulfillment of their IT needs. It is based on creating complex IT services and solutions, using high quality experience, its own base of knowledge and long term planning for maintaining the information system, with the aim of enabling the clients the opportunity to let go of their worries about their information system and to focus on achieving their business goals.

The possibility for the complete use of the BITS concept for our clients is achieved by their need to organize their business in such a way so that the company entrusts a certain part of their business activities – the so-called “IT OPERATIONS”, to experts so that they could advance their business dealings. Satisfying the IT needs this way enables the companies to focus on their main activities, to save up on resources and increase the efficiency of their business. By giving Positive Ltd, who has years of experience in providing services in this field, the ability to manage IT operations can bring about significant benefits. The BITS concept, as a solution for the growing IT needs, enables companies the possibility to save up on resources, enhance their business dealings, decrease the operational risks when doing business and to focus on their primary function. Therefore, the responsibility for the function of the information system is in the hands of professionals that, because of more experience and resources, do the job efficiently and with more quality.

Companies are faced with the need to, either for themselves of for their clients, actualize projects that require significant organizational changes and agreements for which they usually do not have the required resources, knowledge and experience. Positive Ltd, as a partner with the needed experience and a large number of professional associates, represents the optimal solution for actualizing their activities (project).

Today every company, regardless of its size and function, is directed towards information technology as a tool needed for doing business. Computers and printers, computer web and internet connections are present in every office, and employees use business applications every day when working with documents and data, as well as email, as a basic form of business correspondence with clients. The responsibility of the entire infrastructure does not need to be in the hands of the company. Through BITS concept Positive Ltd can secure the needed infrastructure and system software required for achieving the client’s business goals. Depending on the needs, Positive Ltd can perform constant surveillance and management of the IT infrastructure and adaption of dynamic requests by business clients.



Advancement of technology, especially in the IT field, both enabled and made it a requirement for companies to actively consider entrusting a part of their business processes to another company, in order for them to focus on their main tasks.


Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a change of the business model by using internal and external strategies which helps, via modern technologies, the enabling of more efficient work by the employees as well as enabling more quality relations with the clients.


Cyber Security

With the development of IT and the fact that today every company is directed towards using these technologies, the question of cyber security became a prime focus during the formation and application of the company’s information system.


IT as an Infrastructure

The “IT as an infrastructure” service encompasses both analysis and the choice of appropriate IT infrastructure (servers, computers, elements of the computer web and the periphery), delivering, adjustment, and equipment maintenance in a functioning state.