Cyber Security

Defining security procedures and delivering security software and hardware in order to protect data from malicious intrusions.

IT is an important part of every business and every threat to the information system’s work is a direct threat to the business of the company. Cyber security is one of the key fields that every company must take notice of.

Through years – long experience, with a team of certified experts, Positive Ltd offers services of consulting in the field of Cyber Security. That includes implementing relevant solutions (infrastructure that contributes to the safety of the information system via monitoring, prevention of intrusion etc.) and the best business experience, as well as developing security procedures and delivery and configuration of the security software and hardware.

Through specific services, Positive Ltd offers to take care of the cybersecurity of the company and therefore enabling the IT sector to focus on other business tasks.

Companies that are targeted and suffer loss may decrease the damage inflicted by using Positive’s services with the goal of enabling a fast recovery of their system and infrastructure.

The damage inflicted by a disconnected network, and the risk that the attack can escalate, may be avoided by reacting faster and stopping these attacks on the information system, as well as ensuring its recovery and restoring the function after the inflicted damage.

Security rules and detailed security procedures and protocols of the security system highlight the importance of a full-on training and education of employees, seeing as how, when dealing with information security, the human factor is often the most probable vector of attack.

Positive Ltd offers training of employees that is in line with industrial standardized security procedures and protocols, as well as the specific needs of the clients.