Infrastructure as a Service

Analyzing and choosing the appropriate IT infrastructure with delivery, tuning and maintenance

The basis of the BITS concept is the idea that a client’s company shouldn’t invest into the infrastructure of the information system, rather it should entrust the security of the informational infrastructure to other companies such as Positive Ltd. That way not only does the company manage its spending’s in a more efficient way, it also entrusts the size, technical capacity, being up-to-date and reliability of the information system to a specialized company whose main function is to deal with those tasks.

Infrastructure as a Service includes analyzing and choosing the appropriate IT infrastructure (servers, computers, parts of the computer web and peripherals), as well as delivering, tuning and maintaining equipment in a functioning state. This way, a vast amount of investment in IT equipment is entrusted to Positive Ltd, while the monthly cost of its usage becomes a part of the operational costs (OPEX) of the company. The client company can then plan their costs, scale them according to their needs and use their free assets to invest into their main function.

The equipment that is then used is constantly monitored by Positive Ltd, while all the problems in the equipment is dealt with in accordance with the time period stated in the contract which enables an adequate and trustworthy function of the information system. The Infrastructure as a Service system includes services such as PCRM, SMS, NMS, RENT IT.

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