Entrusting a part of the business processes to a company whose main purpose is to deal with that kind of work, with the goal of saving up on time and money and focusing on the core business.

The advancement of technology, especially in the IT field, both enabled and pressured companies to actively think about entrusting a part of their business processes to another company in order for them to focus on their main activities. This process is called outsourcing and represents a form of cooperation where one company offers services to another, whereby the services are a part of the later company’s basic function and area of expertise.

Companies usually choose outsourcing because of the favorable prices and work experience of the enlisted company. This way companies can distribute their investments, or employees, according to their current needs, and that way, instead of the tremendous capital costs (CAPEX), they use their resources to pay operational costs (OPEX) and in doing so they have better control over the expenses in a favorable period.

Thanks to outsourcing, companies enlist experts who employ highly professional services that are needed. Their availability is precisely one of the greatest benefits of outsourcing. Focus, saving up on time and energy, through dedication of the company to only the most important problems, is another benefit of outsourcing. Of course, companies that are entrusted with parts of the business processes must show that they are competent enough not only to carry out the services on time and to do it with quality that has been determined, but also to secure the privacy of the client’s company.

Positive Ltd is a company that encompasses all of these demands in their business philosophy and is ready to contribute with its knowledge and experience to the IT operations of the client’s company.