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First and foremost, increase of business performance. Productivity and efficiency. Lower costs and improvement of knowledge. Safe and legal business deals with the application of quality standards. Following trends of digital transformation. And lastly, the increase of the awareness of informatics and the education of the market. And behind it all, certified experts, leaders from the field of informational systems.


Best IT solutions for doing business without trouble

Digitalna transformacija

Digital Transformation

The process of the shifting from an analog business format to a digital one, that results in an increase in effectiveness and the speed of doing business as well as making internal and external communication easier.


Leaving a part of the business process to a company, whose main purpose is that specific business, in order to save up on time and money and to focus on other tasks.
Cyber security

Cyber security

Defining safety procedures and the delivery of security software and hardware in order to protect data from malicious attacks.
Infrastructure as a service

Infrastructure as a service

Analysis and choosing appropriate IT infrastructure with delivery, adjustment and maintenance.

Digital Transformation


Cyber security

Infrastructure as a service


As the development of the IT sector and digital transformation of a company takes up a lot of time, is comprehensive and is often an expensive process if done by SMB with their own capacity, Positive has developed a set of services that lead and help the process of introducing informatics and digitalization of business processes of a company.


With the goal of optimal distribution of existing resources in the company, Positive has developed a set of services that provide help to the employed staff in the IT sector of the company, by dealing with the processes that are required, while leaving the employees in the IT sector the possibility to deal with development or some other kind of project that are of interest for the development of the company.


Positive RIM

Remote Infrastructure Management


Information System Status Analysi

The analysis of the existing state and the capabilities for the development of the information system in accordance with business processes.

Monitoring and Maintenance of Information Systems

Safe and efficient work of the information system with monitoring and maintenance

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