Information System Status Analysis

The analysis of the existing state and the capabilities for the development of the information system in accordance with business processes.

Companies, regardless of their size, view their information system as an unalienable part of the business processes, with major importance for successful business deals. Modern information systems present a frame, infrastructure for registration support, overview and business planning when making everyday decisions. Information systems present a very important component for every business system and it has to follow, as well as predict and lead the development of other business components.

Positive, when doing business, specifically highlights the services of analyzing the status of the user’s information system. Via a document, the existing state of the information system is assessed, his correspondence with the existing business processes, how well the infrastructure is equipped, the status of the information equipment (servers, computers, peripheral devices), computer web, communication with external surroundings (internet, e mail), the status of the system and application software, the degree of expertise of the IT staff, basic safety settings and other facts important for the functioning of the information system.

The goal of the document ”Information System Status Analysis” is the creation of the missing or insufficient documentation that represents the foundation of stability and the possibility for development of the information system.  Thanks to this analysis, certain conditions are established which enable, when working with Positive, planed and organized work, which further enables considerable savings when exploiting information systems and more efficient usage of work hours of the employees.