Monitoring and Maintenance of Information Systems

Safe and efficient work of the information system with monitoring and maintenance

The importance of an active, preventive monitoring and the maintenance of components and the whole of the information system cannot be overstated. These days, when almost every aspect of a company’s business deals depends on the function of the information system, the losses brought on by lack of function of any segment of the whole are great and can impact the fate of the company. Every information system, whether or not it belongs to the corporation or small or medium-sized businesses, depends on its ability to optimally function and to develop.

Positive Ltd, through a system of remote supervision and managing of components of the information system of its clients actively participates in securing full function of the whole system. Positive Ltd, by giving advice about development based on perceived needs of the client and with modern technological trends, impacts the development of the client’s information system.

Even if, with all the necessary precautions taken, certain degradation of the information system takes place, it’s important not only to reinitiate the function of the system but also to complete the task according to beforehand established procedures, dynamics and order, so as to minimize potential damage to the company’s business caused by the delay. Apart from the monitoring that experts in Positive Ltd conduct via system located in the monitoring center of Positive Ltd if needed, a mobile team of experts will go to the location of the client and solve any severe problems in the information system’s function.

Positive Ltd supplies its clients, users of the Contract for Maintenance of the Information System, with replaceable devices, designed in such a way as to carry out the needed function in the client’s information system, while their device is being repaired or replaced with a new one. Positive Ltd possesses information with which to configure every single device so that the replaceable device, in the established time, will be installed for the client, in the exact way that the previous, malfunctioning one was. System users will not feel any changes in their work.

Positive Ltd has developed, both for its needs and the needs of the client, a base of knowledge that has all the necessary information, both of the general notion, concerning the rules of working of certain components of the information system, as well as for specified data, discoveries and experience with regards to every single component of the information system included in the Contract for Maintenance of the Clients Information System. All of the information is stored in a safe and secure way and are accessible in every moment, via mobile applications and the Positive Ltd portal, to people who maintain the client’s information system, whether they work in Positive Ltd or are employed in the client’s company.