Positive Fleet Management

’’Positive Fleet Management’’ is a type of service that is mainly targeted towards small and mid-size enterprises, as well as corporations and large systems whose business includes a fleet of transportation vehicles (mostly vehicles of the B category), which can be used by employees in a company. The goal of the application is to gather information about the vehicles and their usage, with whose analysis increased efficiency and productivity is achieved as well as control over vehicle costs.


The service enables the usage of an application that registers the usage of a vehicle, and their management, from any device (computer, tablet, cellphone), as well as remote application maintenance.

The benefits in using this application are numerous, primarily if you own more than 3 vehicles, whose cost during usage are hard to keep track of (registration, fire extinguishers…).

With the Positive Fleet Management solution, you will be freed from any concern and will be granted with:

  • A simplified administration process by eliminating manual travel order
  • View available vehicles
  • Simpler tracking and control of the expense relating to transport
  • Avoiding risks with regard to unplanned expences
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Optimizing travel usage
  • Full mobility at every moment
    „Positive Fleet Management“ application consists of two components:

    1. Entering information concerning vehicles, travel and vehicle activities, starting with registration – booking a vehicle, which includes the following steps:

    • Choosing a free vehicle for transport
    • Choosing the location
    • Purpose of the ride (business or private)
    • Entering the starting length in km (the beginning state is automatically filled in based on vehicle choice, however if it does not align with the number on the control panel, a correction option is always available)
    • Entering the amount of fuel being used (the amount and the costs),
    • Registering any services done (routine and any that deal with malfunction),
    • Entering the date when the vehicle was washed
    • The condition of the vehicle – usually it’s undamaged, which is the default beginning state. If any damage is noticed on the vehicle, the ’’damaged’’ option is chosen, an additional window is included for adding pictures and a photo of the damaged area is attached.

    After finishing the ride, the entire process is completed and the vehicle is ready for its next use.

    2. Analytics – data processing and reporting – means that the Fleet manager, as well as the director of the company, have the ability to view the vehicle usage at any moment and their rentability.

    The benefits for the Fleet managers are seen in the following:

    • viewing the actual amount of kilometers the vehicle has passed
    • precise information about the number of services
    • the possibility to view the registration date in table form and the recommended amount of kilometers passed before the regular service.
    • a warning to routinely maintain the fire extinguisher
    • lower total costs of entire company fleet


    Every application user must fulfill the following technical requirements:

    • For it to work properly, it is necessary when initiating the application, as well as during the input/changing data, for internet connection to be available
    • Office 365 cloud service and mobile (Android or IOS) device
    • To keep track of the analytics it is enough to only have MS Excel application in order to personally process the inserted data
    • With regard to the Premium version, the analytics is done by the Power BI application with a graphical display of processed data for the chosen vehicles and/or a certain set of data (average amount of spending, malfunctions, kilometers driven…)
    • Adding vehicles and changing existing data, as well as the rights of the user to certain functions of the application are regulated through the rights to each user by the administrator.

    If this application seems interesting to you, we would gladly offer you additional information. We may arrange a meeting where we can demonstrate the application in real time.