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Positive Ltd is fully aware that privacy is one of the basic human rights and accepts the importance of protecting privacy, security and data for our clients and partners.

Positive Ltd seeks to enable protection in all operations that exceed the lawful minimum as well as the use of coordinated and strict guidelines and procedures.

Thank you for visiting our internet website „positive.rs“. Your access, as well as using this internet website (henceforth: website) functions under these terms of use and current legal regulations that organize this field. By accessing and using this website, you accept the terms of use, without limitations. If you do not accept these terms of use without limitations, please leave the website.

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The website and all of the texts, logos, graphs, pictures, audio material and other material on this website (henceforth: Content), are copyrighted or owned by Positive Ltd, or are posted on the internet website with the permission by the owner or authorized right holder. The use of the Content, in any way other than the one described in these terms of use, without a written permission by the owner of the Content, is strictly forbidden. Positive Ltd will protect its copyright, its intellectual property rights and other similar rights, in the most legally permissible way, including pressing charges.

Your Website Usage

The Content on the website may contain false information or spelling mistakes. Changes to the website may be made at any given moment and without notice. However, Positive Ltd is not obliged to regularly arrange the information contained on the website. Likewise, Positive Ltd does not guarantee that the website will function without interruptions or errors, or that the inconveniences will be shortly corrected or that the website is compatible with your hardware or software.

Liability Exception

You may use the website at your own risk. Positive Ltd is not responsible for material or non-material damage, direct or indirect, that results from usage or if its in any way connected to the usage of the website or its Content.

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The website may contain links to other internet sites whose owner or user is not Positive Ltd. Such links are enabled solely to provide you with as much information as possible. Positive Ltd does not control and is not responsible for the function, content, privacy policy or security of these websites. Positive Ltd does not control the content, products or services that are available on these websites. If you enable a connection with such websites over a link on our website, you do it at your own risk and without the approval of Positive Ltd.

Content Available on this Website

Intellectual property rights and other rights concerning the Content, that is available for downloading on the website (henceforth: Content), belong to Positive Ltd, except if otherwise stated. Your use of Content is susceptible to the terms of use of the Copyright Protection Law of the Republic of Serbia. Do not download or use the Content if you disagree with the terms. When downloading or using the Content on the website, you do it at your own risk.

Changing the Terms of Use

Positive Ltd may, at any given moment, change the terms of use by arranging this text. You will automatically be notified about the new terms of use contained within these changes, which is why you should periodically visit the website to get to know the current terms of use.

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